Want to apply for car finance How it Works 2023

Applying for auto financing via us is one of the easiest methods available. The car-buying process is made simple and stress-free, according to our consumers.

Instead of trying to entice you with an inaccurately low interest rate, we base our judgement on your actual financial situation and credit history.

We also don’t object if you discover a vehicle or arrange financing before you apply. If you’re still hunting, however, we know a lot of reliable vendors where you can shop.

With your initial application being soft search only, you’ve got nothing to lose – apply today and get a fast, online decision on car finance.

Complete an application, get a real rate

It just takes a few minutes to fill out our brief online form and we’ll provide an online, in-principle judgement right away. In cases where we quote a rate, that rate is a true financing rate, calculated specifically for you based on the data you’ve given.

You may relax about the impact on your credit score from our preliminary soft search while you consider your alternatives. Keep in mind that if you go forward, certain lenders may do a thorough check of your credit history.

Meet with your own dedicated Automobile Financing Expert

A dedicated Car Credit Specialist will reach out to you and be there for you every step of the way to help you get approved for a car loan. Customers consistently rave about our advisors, praising their professionalism, friendliness, and depth of knowledge.

Pick a vehicle from any reliable vendor.

Now comes the fun part! You may go automobile shopping with the loan amount in hand. Provide the specifics of the vehicle you’re interested in, and your Car Credit Specialist will help you locate the best match among our approved dealers, or vice versa.

It’s nice to meet you

We’ll negotiate with the lender and the dealer on your behalf, and you won’t have to lift a finger. The following business day after you sign the forms online, the money will be transmitted so you may pick up your automobile.

A Prime Illustration

If you borrow £7,500 at a typical APR of 10.9%, an annual interest rate (fixed) of 10.86%, and make payments of £191.50 for 47 months, then $201.50 (including an estimated $10 option to buy charge), with no down payment, your total cost of credit will be £1,702.00, and you’ll owe a grand total of $9,202.00.

My Car Credit is a trade name of Evolution Funding Limited, which is a credit broker and not a lender.

UK Largest Motors Review 2023

We’re part of the UK’s largest motor finance broker, Evolution Funding. Our award-winning technology combined with our broad lender panel improves your chances of being accepted for car finance.

We have the largest panel of car finance lenders out of any UK broker. What’s more, we’ve developed special technology which matches you with the best product and lender for your circumstances. This improves your chances of an acceptance, at a rate you’re happy with.

This is completely unique to Evolution Funding, and is something we’re very proud of!

Largest Motors Portfolio 2023

We focused on creating a quick and simple application process. Our Car Credit Specialists then handle your application right through to payout, providing advice and support where it’s needed.

Even better, we’ve built up relationships with over 5,500 reputable car dealers throughout the UK. This means we have a pool of My Car Dealers who can help you with sourcing the perfect nearly-new or used car!

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