The 10 Most Expensive Google Keywords

Here’s how much it would cost advertisers, on average, who want to advertise on Google for these terms:

Business Services: $58.64.

Bail Bonds $58.48.

Casino $55.48.

Lawyer $54.86.

Degree $47.36

Medical Coding Services $46.84

Asset Management $49.86.

Insurance $48.41

Cash Services & Payday Loans $48.18

Cleanup & Restoration Services $47.61

What Does It All Mean?

While the most expensive keywords — and the amount advertisers are charged per click — generally get all the attention, it’s important to remember that it’s not really the cost per click that matters, per se.

Rather, the cost per conversion is most important.

I’ve written extensively through the years about how advertisers can drive down costs and push conversion rates up.

How? By improving their quality score (a metric Google uses to determine where AdWords ads rank in the paid search results and how much advertisers pay for every click).

A high quality score results in lower costs per ad click, and paying less per click pretty much always guarantees a lower cost per conversion.

In fact, data shows that advertisers can reduce cost per conversion from 16 to 80 percent by optimizing for quality score.

So if you’re thinking about advertising on Google but worried about how expensive it seems to target keywords you want, just remember: these costs are the average.

Not all advertisers pay these prices — some pay even more than this. But smart advertisers are paying much less because they have learned to optimize for clicks and conversions (which is basically the same thing, anyway).

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