Local Marketing Strategies for Success 2023

 What Works for Small Businesses

  • Local marketing refers to strategies that target regional audiences near a business.
  • Local marketing is especially effective for businesses that are tied to a physical location, such as restaurants, boutique retail stores and professional advisors.
  • Getting your small business’s local marketing strategy off the ground can be quick, easy and inexpensive.
  • This article is for small business owners who are looking to implement local marketing strategies to target audiences close to their business’s location.

Small businesses need to do local marketing as part of a larger marketing plan. It can help get your company in front of a larger local audience that is likely to buy from your business soon. But what can you do as a business owner to make your small business more accessible to people in your area? This guide has 14 quick tips to help you improve how you sell locally.

What is local marketing?

Local marketing is aimed at people who live or work near your business. This part of your marketing plan is for people who could buy your product or service at any time and live within a certain radius of your actual business address. This radius is usually based on an acceptable driving distance.

For example, if you open a diner in Red Bank, New Jersey, getting website traffic from Sacramento, California, won’t do you much good. Instead, you should use local marketing strategies to make sure that most of your customers live close enough to your restaurant to eat there, pick up food, or have it delivered.

Travis McKnight, senior content manager at Portent Inc., said, “The most important thing people should do is really understand who they’re trying to sell to and what people can get out of the product or service, and then tell them right away.”

For any small business marketing plan to work, you need to know who your target group is and what information you should give them. But it’s especially important in a local marketing plan that emphasises where your business is.

A local marketing plan is meant to help you get the most out of your advertising and marketing spending. Digital marketing is a useful tool for all types and kinds of businesses. But if you have a local business and can’t get people in your area interested, all of your marketing costs were for nothing.

What types of businesses benefit from local marketing?

Many businesses can benefit from local marketing. However, specific business types require it. Here are a few examples of business types that need a local marketing strategy:

  • Restaurants: Restaurants are excellent examples of businesses that need a local marketing strategy. They’re physical locations that offer dine-in, takeout, mobile ordering or delivery services. By nature, a restaurant is locked into its physical location and must reach people nearby.
  • Retail stores: While even small retail operations often sell online via e-commerce, local marketing can increase a store’s foot traffic and help build its brand. Brand awareness is especially important for small boutique retail stores that compete with large chains.
  • Professional services: Professional services such as lawyers and accountants should employ a local marketing strategy. There are some notable exceptions to this rule, such as marketing companies that operate remotely. However, nothing beats an in-person consultation.

While many businesses need a local marketing strategy, others can benefit from capturing a broader audience.

14 local marketing strategies you can start today

Local marketing starts with some easy-to-implement steps that any company can begin immediately. Here are a few quick-and-simple ideas to improve your business’s local marketing.

1. Optimize your website for local users.

Website optimization is the key to driving traffic and is essential for any digital marketing strategy. But is your website optimized for local users? Here are a few ways to optimize your website for nearby customers: 

  • Ensure that your website is mobile-friendly. Creating a mobile-friendly website is crucial. Businesses must ensure that their websites deliver a top-notch mobile experience to attract local customers, said Heather Lodge, owner and chief strategy officer at Werkflow Digital. “More than half of traffic coming to websites is from mobile devices,” Lodge noted. “If you have a website that’s nice and streamlined, with large text to read on a small screen and large buttons to easily click, you’ll have an easier time attracting local business.”
  • Localize your website. Every effective business website should follow search engine optimization (SEO) best practices, such as employing keyword research to inform your website content. However, localizing your website means determining keywords and key phrases based on local SEO.
  • For example, ask yourself, “What does the local market search for on Google?” A good rule of thumb is to mention your community or nearby communities frequently. For example, if you target a regional audience, consider adding language such as “serving the tristate area.”

12. Create a customer loyalty program.

A customer loyalty programme is a great way to get people from the same area to come back. Customers can get free or cheap things after making a certain number of sales or earning a certain number of points through loyalty cards.

These cards can be paper or digital. Members of a loyalty programme can also get discounts and special offers by email or snail mail.

Loyalty programs help customers feel valued. Furthermore, they’re a great way to collect helpful information about customers who have opted in — data that can be utilized in other local marketing campaigns. 

Think globally, but advertise locally 

Whether you run a business that depends on local customers or you just want to improve your local marketing, you can reach your local target audience with easy, cheap, and effective strategies. The key is to find the best ways to make sure people in your area know about your business, get your target group interested, and build strong customer relationships.

See what kind of splash your business can make in your community by implementing these local marketing strategies today.

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