E-Commerce Credit Insurance from Allianz Trade

E-Commerce Credit Insurance for B2B e-merchants powers real-time customer credit online, with buy now pay later adding convenience, increasing basket spend and boosting online conversion rates.

This digital form of credit insurance from Allianz Trade supports fuss-free buy now pay later (BNPL) functionality, protecting B2B e-merchants from the risk of customer insolvency, or the inability to pay.

What is E-Commerce Credit Insurance from Allianz Trade?

Picture this: you’re a diligent E-commerce merchant, passionately curating a digital marketplace that showcases your unique products to customers worldwide. As transactions flow like rivers, it becomes inevitable that not all trade partners will uphold their financial commitments. This is where E-Commerce Credit Insurance from Allianz Trade steps in as your loyal ally.

At its core, E-Commerce Credit Insurance is a safeguard, a shield that protects your business from the uncertainties that come with extending credit to buyers. Allianz Trade, a name synonymous with trust and stability, offers this insurance to fortify your revenue streams and fortify your enterprise against the specter of bad debt. In the event of a buyer’s default, this insurance coverage ensures that your financial exposure is minimized, allowing you to navigate turbulent waters with confidence.

Within the tapestry of this transformative era, Allianz Trade has harnessed the might of technology and AI to predict and prevent potential defaults. Every keystroke, every transaction, every interaction is meticulously analyzed to gauge the financial health of your buyers. This vigilant approach ensures that you are well-prepared for any storm that may threaten your trade journey.

The Assurance of Allianz Trade

Founded on principles of integrity and powered by cutting-edge AI technology, Allianz Trade has transcended the realms of insurance, morphing into a guardian of commerce itself. With a legacy that spans generations, Allianz Trade has mastered the art of assessing credit risks and offering tailored solutions that cater to the unique needs of each E-commerce venture.

3 types of E-Commerce Credit Insurance

E-Commerce Credit Insurance can work alongside your chosen BNPL technology provider or a bank, to offer your B2B customers the convenience of deferred payment, plus the cashflow benefits of instant payment to you, including our cover in case of subsequent inability to pay.  

Instant payment, domestic 

Our B2B BNPL platform partners such as Two, In3, PausePay and many others, provide the full BNPL value chain up to the payment immediately powered by Allianz Trade API connection. In case of buyers’ inability to pay, we provide the insurance cover. 

Instant payment, multinational

Our multi-country and multi-currency instant payment solution for multinationals works in a similar way as the domestic option, but also involves a banking partner (e.g. Santander Corporate & Investment Banking), paying you for online transactions in real-time.

Credit terms only

Offer deferred payment to your customers in real-time by connecting the Allianz Trade API to your website and in the event that a customer is unable to pay, we step in. This option doesn’t include instant payment to you.

The Pillars of E-Commerce Credit Insurance

  1. Mitigation of Losses: The heart of E-Commerce Credit Insurance lies in its ability to minimize losses when buyers falter on their commitments. Allianz Trade shoulders the burden, allowing you to recover the funds you are owed and continue your business journey uninterrupted.
  2. Boosting Confidence: By having the safety net of credit insurance, you’re imbued with the confidence to explore new markets and foster relationships with buyers globally. This confidence ripples through your business interactions, inspiring trust in partners and clients alike.
  3. Seamless Trade: With risk minimized, the wheels of commerce turn with greater fluidity. Allianz Trade’s E-Commerce Credit Insurance ensures that the cogs of your enterprise are well-oiled, allowing for smooth trade operations.

Embrace the Future with Insurance

As the digital age unfolds before us, the wisdom of the past converges with the possibilities of the future. Embrace the promise of E-Commerce Credit Insurance from Allianz Trade, and embark on your trade journey with the winds of assurance at your back. Just as ancient merchants sought the protection of city walls, modern traders seek the protection of innovation. Anchor your business’s growth with the steadfast assurance of insurance, woven into the very fabric of E-commerce.

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